VTHF-300M Tube Power Amplifier

VTHF-300M Tube Power Amplifier
VTHF-300M Tube Power Amplifier
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High Quality, Versatile Amplification

1999 TEC Awards (Nominee)

Designed for heavy duty use, the VTHF-300M is equally at home in the studio or on the road. Its all tube high fidelity design rivals and surpasses the sound quality of many of the so-called audiophile amplifiers, yet sells for substantially less. Its awesome power (300 W RMS pentode/150 W triode) can run any speaker through its paces with the accuracy, definition and fullness that only tube amplifiers can deliver. Featuring a custom designed and high current bifiler audio output transformer, regulated B+ to the preamplifier section, individual output tube bias for long tube life, pentode/triode switch, variable feedback control, heavy duty binding posts, gold plated RCA input connector (1/4 phono and Jensen balanced 3-pin also available), optional two speed fan, toroidal power transformer, solid power supply (880 mf @ 800 volts), Demeter selected tubes, a beautiful heavy duty aluminum and steel chassis, all hand built construction in the U.S.A. using only the best quality components.


Output power: 300 watts RMS pentode / 150 watts RMS triode
Output impedance: 4 and 8ohms
Nominal input impedance: 100kohms
THD: Less than 0.05 @ 1 watt
Bandwidth: 20 to 20 kHz - .7dB
Preamp tubes: 1 - 12AX7a, 1 - 12AT7a
Power tubes: 8 - Svetlana 6550c
Mounting: 4 space standard rack
Operating voltage: 240/120V AC
Dimensions: 7" x 19" x 12"


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