TGA 3 Guitar Amplifier

TGA 3 Guitar Amplifier
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The TGA 3 head comes in two preamp flavors: Rock (Dean Deleo, STP) and Blues (Sunny Landreth)


  • TGA 3-22 Watt Class A Power Amp: $2399
  • TGA 3-75 Watt Class A Power Amp: $2499
  • TGA 3-110 Watt Class A Power Amp:$2699

TGA-3: The classic is back… The Demeter TGA-3 is an all-tube, 75 watt guitar amplifier. It features 3 channel operation:

  • Channel 1 (clean) – the clean vintage, tweed amp sound.
  • Channel 2 (edge) – the ultimate classic English crunch sound (can be used as a second lead channel)
  • Channel 3 (lead) – high sustain, super distortion channel. In addition, the TGA-3 features an innovative effects loop which allows the amp to operate all three channels in a full stereo mode (TGA-SA or equivalent power amp is required for stereo operation.) As in all Demeter products, each TGA-3 is hand crafted using only the finest quality components to insure years of trouble free operation. The TGA-3 is available in an amp head.


  • Independent 3 channel operation with channel switching
  • Stereo effects loop with adjustable left and right return level controls
  • Separate, adjustable effects loop send/submaster controls for clean & dirty sounds
  • 75 watt tube output ( matched pair of 6L6 tubes )
  • Rugged, steel chassis construction
  • All tube studio design
  • Active presence control for crisp midrange and sparkling highs
  • Bright switch on both channels and dark switch on dirty channel
  • Separate gain and master controls for each channel

The TGA-3 Tube Guitar Amplifier represents over two decades of tinkering, tweaking, playing and listening by James to build the perfect amp. What he wanted was an amplifier that could deliver a clean sound with a tone that rivaled the vintage Fender amps (like the 410 Bassman), a crunch distortion sound like a pre-master volume Marshall and of course, a high gain, sustaining lead tone.

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