DRV-2 Uber Driveulator

DRV-2 Uber Driveulator
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Great Sounding Distortion with Tons of Headroom

The Uber Driveulator is a much cleaner drive circuit with more headroom and can operate in two modes the Loose mode is similar to the tight mode of the Standard Overdrive but with a bit more headroom and the tight mode which has even more clean headroom and much more output power. The unit has a Drive control that can turn up the gain of the drive circuit 100 times. A very wide range and musical sounding tone control and a volume control to keep the gain under control, can be used as a clean boost. Also included is a trim pot to set the output gain. This unit is True Bypass using an ALCO heavy duty Footswitch.

Sound Clips

Washburn WI68 through a Fender Super Reverb


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